Strip Block Spatial Definition

After having an overall programmatic definition, SB proposal will be interrogated under various questions. Firstly, the PERMEABILITY, POROSITY AND ACCESSIBILITY of the building design in relation to the immediate CONTEXT will be evaluated. As the building linearity generates a continuous contact with the exterior, inside-out and outside-in relations with the street level should be deeply investigated and tested.

PRIVACY between programmes will be questioned. Collapses between global and local when related to different social communities and intersection of private/public spaces will be interrogated within building interior configurations.

Architects such as Paul Rudolph, Zaha Hadid and Rafael Moneo were conscious of this difficulty using unusual drawing techniques at their time to represent all these questions. Following their examples, specific graphic representations will be also explored to show the relation between inside and outside and its consequences in the overall shape of the proposal.

In addition, some scenarios will be rendered to show  different interior environments inhabited by building users  and the impact of this in-habitation on circulation main trajectories. These drawing-collages will explore a more detailed conception of the internal spaces created, their multilayered variables and sensual perception.

Workshop: Rhino, VRay and Photoshop (tbc)
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