After researching Havana urban grid and complexity, a location or context of each individual proposal – vacant or not- is selected. Each intervention will redensify, infiltrate, rearticulate or totally redo independent blocks in the city feeding together a speculative network of home-swapping in Havana.

Building on the conversation from first term on form, the politics generated by the block in the city fabric, after being placed, will be assessed and discussed. Collages and short texts will define each proposal critical position.

In addition, block proposals will be interrogated regarding their relationships with its immediate context and the passer-by. Its capability in specific locations to engage with the city public space will be put into question. In this sense, the context is brought forward as an important part of each proposal design.

Lecture: Canales & Lombardero, “New Formalism”, Lecture at Architectural Association, 2017.
– Pier Vittorio Aureli, “Rossi: The Concept of the locus as a political category of the city”, in The Project of Autonomy, NY: Princeton Architectural Press, 2008, pp.53-69.
– David Harvey: Rebel Cities: From the Right to the City to the Urban Revolution, London; New York : Verso, 2012.

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